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Artograph Projectors

Artograph Prism Projector Artograph Super Prism Projector

Artograph® Prism™ & Super Prism™ Projectors

Increased performance and special features make scaling artwork and designs faster and easier than ever before. The general purpose Prism™ projector is ideal for projecting all varieties of high contrast art, patterns, and designs. It features an optically ground 200mm lens that enlarges up to 20 times and reduces down to 80%. The Super Prism™ is perfectly designed for excellent image clarity and accuracy. Featuring two lenses: the Super Lens (240mm) is a three-element color-corrected lens for extra sharp images from challenging originals, such as photographs or highly detailed designs. This precision ground lens offers enlargement from 3x to 20x the original size. The accessory lens adds reduction capabilities down to 80%. Both projectors feature an exclusive 7" x 7" glass top-loading area with removable cover that accommodates most copy including oversized artwork, books, and 3-D objects. Illuminated by two 250 watt photo bulbs for a whiter, brighter image (included). Fan cooled and thermally protected to keep originals cooler. 115v, 2.5 amps, UL approved, 5-year warranty. 11lbs. (Prism), 12lbs. (Super).

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Artograph Prism Projector $279.99 $209.99


Artograph Super Prism Projector $399.99 $299.99
Artograph Design Master Projector

Artograph® DesignMaster® Projector

Comes equipped with an adjustable vertical stand that easily clamps to any tabletop up to 2" thick. Original designs and patterns up to 6" x 6" can be projected onto a tabletop from 70% reduction to 4x enlargement for fast and easy tracing. Removed from the stand, it will enlarge up to 30 times onto a wall or canvas for producing murals, banners, signs, or any large graphic. Features a 7½" x 9" copyboard (image seen is 6" x 6"), 250 watt photo lamp for a whiter, brighter image (included), 200mm lens, and cooling fan. 115v, 2.5 amps, UL approved. 5-year warranty. 13 lbs.

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Artograph DesignMaster Projector $269.99 $202.49
Artograph Tracer Projector

Artograph® Tracer Projector

This is the perfect basic projector for the artist and crafter. The Tracer easily enlarges any design or pattern from a 5" x 5" copy area onto a wall or easel from 2x to 14x enlargement. Projected image can be easily traced and colored as desired. No set up necessary and simple to operate. Features energy efficient 8000-hour fluorescent lamp (included) that produces a whiter, clearer image with low heat and uses only 20 watts of energy. UL approved.

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Artograph Tracer Projector $99.99 $74.99
Artograph  Tracer Jr. Projector

Artograph® Tracer Jr. Projector

Ideal for the beginning artist or crafter. Art, designs, or patterns can be enlarged up to 10x onto a wall, easel, or other vertical surface for quick and easy tracing, drawing, and viewing. Create murals, signs, paintings, and more. Features an energy efficient 8000-hour fluorescent lamp (included) that produces a whiter, brighter image with low heat and uses only 23 watts of energy. Please note: The fluorescent lamp will not fit earlier Tracer Jr. models. No set up necessary and simple to operate. Darkened room required. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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Artograph Tracer Jr. Projector $54.99 $41.24
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